Having a current brand and presence is a must.

However, a stagnant website site with some fancy current features is not going to cut it in this day and age.

What will separate your website and brand from the rest is the look and feel of the content that it holds.

I take your vision and/or idea with all it's moving parts and turn it into an artistic, edgy , sexy, authentic and cohesive visual/auditory experience that separates you from your competition by leaps and bounds. 

You can choose for me to help you with one or all of the below mentioned options. Together we can set a custom tailored package that meets your specific needs. 



We have a meeting of the minds to understand your business. This is great time of reflection as we will study your specific field, competition, and explore what your strengths and weaknesses are. Together we will eliminate the weaknesses and make the strengths stronger.

Often times during this process I have found that my clients are not even advertising, capitalizing, utilizing, or bringing their strongest attributes and talents to the public eye.



We start the website and graphic design process. I update your look, branding, logo, etc. This is not just limited to the web and gets used for all of your promotional material and social networking.



Continue to create visual content with video and photography.

The right pictures and video of yourself and/or your company, band members, team, etc will be stylized especially to meet the design requirements and feel that is being portrayed to your site's visitors.

This step says it all and conveys the most effective and concise message while taking your site to the next level. 


If you are going to have any audio on the site be it spoken word on a pod cast, a video, or music,  having quality audio is an absolute undisputed must. 

Furthermore the sound design and music that your production uses will literally and scientifically set the atmosphere and experience for your viewer/listener.  

It is a known fact in the production field that poor audio will completely ruin a project. Your project will have the most current score and sounds. It will be mixed and mastered to the most suitable levels for your specific contents application. 



We finish the building and branding by implementing and incorporating all of the different facets we have created.  putting the finishing touches on your project.


Your project receives a broad cross platform compatibility check and if applicable SEO. 


I help you to implement a plan to keep your site up to date, involved in social media, blogging, and share this amazing new creation with the world.